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Patents and honors

    Jiafeng has more than 100 shower rooms with "utility model patents".

    The people's pursuit of a better life is our eternal driving force. At the end of 2018, Jiafeng once again mentioned three patents and has launched corresponding products to the market.


    Easy to install and easy to use, the pulley must be strong!

    The pulley is not only related to the difficulty of installation, but also to the smooth feeling of the user in each use after installation. For a 10-year-long shower room, the pulley must withstand at least 200,000 movements. Most of the pulleys that cannot be opened in the later period, squeaked, and miserably broken are due to congenital deficiency. An unpowered pulley is enough to destroy one's greatest patience.

    And Jiafeng has undergone five generations of wheel technology changes, including a number of easy-to-install, anti-derailment patents, and technology.

    With the patent blessing, the installation is easy: whether it is an eccentric wheel, a U-shaped wheel, whether it is a suspension type, a hanging clip type, one card and one buckle, it is easy to handle. When in use, the door moves and turns, and the glass is stable.

    Jiafeng bevel anti-off track, patent number: 201820192511.1

    Jiafeng hidden eccentric wheel structure, patent number: 201820189076.7

    Jiafeng Master Series CPHS Double Sliding Door


    Invisible waterproof, Virgo admires it!

    Every excellent shower room will be the ultimate in wet and dry separation.

    No leaking water, that is, no leaks in the wall, no leaks in the bottom of the door, no leaks in the door, no leaks when opening the door, no leaks around. Many people's shower room walls are leaky, while others are directly glued by the installer to seal the thick one layer, which is neither beautiful nor easy to open and moldy.

    Facing the wall unevenness, the maple shower room profile is embedded with rubber strips, which perfectly fits the wall unevenness and is leakproof. More waterproof black technology, leak-proof on all sides.

    Jiafeng embedded recessed rubber strip wall material, patent number: 201820189559.7

    Jiafeng Master Series DS8 Double Sliding Door


    Anti-derailment design, giving foot a sense of security!

    Poor quality pulleys are unevenly stressed, which can easily cause the shower room to explode. A good pulley is more resistant, uniformly stressed, quiet and smooth. With the weight of the glass carried by the track, the shower room is more stable and gives a "feel of security."

    Jiafeng's unique anti-off rail design and anti-off rubber strip, once installed, will never derail, safe and stable.

    Proficient in mechanical principles, ingenuity and luck-with Jia Feng's "high IQ", you can push or pull like this without worrying.

    Jiafeng release derailment upper and lower card slot track, patent number: 201820192429.9

    Jiafeng Master Series DS4 Double Sliding Door

    Seeing this, do you think Jiafeng is a great stick? So understand the "installed" shower room, find out ~