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What? Are the shower rooms playing with see-through equipment?

There are a lot of friends who have recently joined the family. Yesterday, a girl named Zhishan Huhai called to come and talk to me:

"Hey, do you know ?! The shower room at XXX was actually transparent, but it scared me! It scared me that I didn't dare to go to the bathroom."

"What? Transparent shower room, is this too avant-garde open? Really fake, have you been dazzled?"

"That's right, it's truly transparent! But, haha, it becomes opaque as soon as the power is turned off. I can't see if I want to peep, haha."

"Wow, deliberately come to tease me to test me, this will not stump me, right? Is there any new thing to escape the search radius of my intelligent brain?"

What is energized glass? Why dare to play so big?

As early as "Dream Transformer", Xiaobian has seen the "magic" of powered glass.

In order to ensure the permeability of the space and better introduce natural light, the designer purposely adopted a new material: electrified glass.

Utilizing the screen of the energized glass, the tea room space becomes a separate and private space when it is energized, which can be a bedroom or a guest room. When the switch is opened and closed, the space is divided and closed.

Let's take another set of animations:

Custom arc-powered glass can be atomized when turned on

Is the glass energized? It sounds scary, but it's simple and secure.

Principle of electrified glass:

Polymer-dispersed liquid crystal (PDLC) is also called liquid crystal dimming film. In the power-off state, the liquid crystal molecules are in a scattering state and are transparent but opaque; after being powered on, the liquid crystal molecules are linearly arranged, transparent and transparent.

With the above principle, the liquid crystal dimming film is sandwiched between two layers of glass to make an electrically controlled dimming glass with a sandwich structure, which can control the transparent and opaque states of the glass. It can be widely used in many fields such as space design, privacy protection and high-definition projection.

Electric glass has been used in many public areas, such as office partitions and living room partitions.

What's so good about using energized glass? Is it just playing heartbeat?

The energized glass can not only play the role of glass isolation, but also freely switch between shielding and light transmission, connecting the two spaces.

It is very suitable for spaces that need overall harmonious space and transparent light, but also have shading and privacy protection, such as conference rooms, porch partitions, shower rooms, etc., which can complement the light and expand the visual sense of the space. Form an independent space and take care of privacy.

We call this glass "magic glass".


This is why shower rooms increasingly use this glass. The bathroom of some families is a quasi-dark room with only a small window and a shower room. Most of the light covers the entire bathroom. The permeability of the entire bathroom is reduced, and the hard partition in the space makes the bathroom more narrow. It ’s better to use magic glass boldly and give the bathroom a “perspective”!


The use of magic glass to separate two highly functional spaces undoubtedly reconciles the issues of openness and closure. The transparency of the glass forms an open pattern, which truly realizes the partitioned and continuous mood of "partition".

Compared to pulling a curtain and opening and closing the door leaf, magic glass is undoubtedly faster and more convenient.

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Jiafeng shower room has taken the lead in this industry to play this magical "magic glass", which has made many families' shower rooms "becoming bright." If your home also has the trouble of free space and light transmission, and if you also like to play some trendy items with a new heartbeat, it is better to come to the store to consult and give a set to the home.