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drop! Swipe my card, plus Maple exclusive service card


In life, "swipe my card" is a wonderful and true love story;

And at this moment, "swipe my exclusive card" is a promise of Yinuoqianjin, allowing you to get real gold service.  

This is a solemn promise.

This promise is valid for 5 years and 1825 days.

A love sentence may be valid for an instant, but this sentence promises that we will not be reckless at all, and we can do it for five years.

,有卡为证。 Plus Maple exclusive service , with card as proof.

给您5年专属的免费维修、免费保养、免费更换配件服务。 Plus Maple exclusive service card , give you 5 years exclusive free repair, free maintenance, free replacement service.


Only sell shower rooms, regardless of the customer's long-term use and every day's experience,

Do not call really caring.

  Elementary school students have the coveted "homework-free" card,

And Jiafeng exclusive service card is the "free housework card" in the adult world. I want it!

加枫尊享服务卡 How can I get the Jiafeng Privilege Service Card which is full of dreams and promises ?

too easy:

加枫尊享服务卡 ,开启“刷我滴卡”的幸福模式。 This month, that is, 2019 Jiafeng Privilege Service Month, you can get the Jiafeng Privilege Service Card when you purchase Jiafeng products , and start the "Swipe Me Drop Card" happiness mode.

From this month, happiness may be:

Earthy love words

Much maintenance

Good product and good service

Jia Feng is really good

Gold card silver card casual flower

Better to add the Maple exclusive service card